Maremma Questionnaire

At Ravenwood, our mission is raising happy, healthy livestock guardian dogs with stable and confident temperaments AND matching each owner with just the right guardian dog for them and their livestock.  

The following questions are being asked to give us some insight into what your needs are so that we can match the right puppy with the right owner; keeping the character, ability and temperament of the puppy in mind, as well as the desires and needs of the new owner.  The more information we have, the better we will understand your expectations.   

Please feel free to add any additional comments at the end.  Completion of this questionnaire does not guarantee that a puppy will be available for you.  Puppies' personalities and abilities are matched with each prospective owner's lifestyle and needs, along with what the new owner has told us that they are looking for in a puppy - with temperament, conformation and instinct testing being the final determining factor.  

I hope you will agree that the puppy's welfare must be my foremost consideration when deciding on a placement.  Please answer the following questions as completely as you can, thank you.

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