Maremma Dogs

We researched for over a year trying to make a decision on which breed of livestock guardian dogs to purchase. We decided on the Italian Maremma Abruzzese for several reasons.
This is a rare breed in the U.S. They are a 2000 year old breed from the mountainous regions of Italy, proven guardians, and bred carefully for their temperament and ability to defend those left in their charge. 

They are not known to stray or wander like some other guardian breeds, preferring to remain with their bonded livestock.
Maremmas prefer to negotiate with threats through body language and booming barks. They are bold and courageous but not as aggressive as some other guardian breeds. They prefer to intimidate and take a defensive stand rather than fight. Their size is usually all that is needed as a deterrent to predators. However, if the threat becomes a real danger to their livestock, they are perfectly capable of taking care of the problem.

We live in the mountains NE of Spokane, Washington and have bear, cougar, bobcat, coyotes and straying dogs as predators. We have never lost a single animal since acquiring these dogs. 
They are friendly to humans, get along well with children, other dogs and animals. Maremmas look to humans as equal partners and not masters. They are extremely intelligent animals.

Overall, they are of calm temperament, extremely devoted, intelligent and loyal to those they have bonded with - human or animal.
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