On the slopes of
Temple Mountain,
northeast of
Spokane, Washington

Living in harmony with wildlife: cougar, bear, coyote, bobcat, elk, white tail deer, moose and our resident pair of nesting ravens - hence our name “Ravenwood.”

2008. Begin enterprise of producing quality cashmere goats, fiber, yarns, goat milk soaps and fine Italian Maremma Abruzzese Livestock Guardian Dogs.

2010. We begin focusing on promoting American Grown Cashmere and educating the public on the quality of yarn produced right here in America. We presently have 5 producers involved in this project, and welcome others committed to a high standard.

Besides managing our own herd, we purchase raw cashmere fiber from producers committed to biennial histogram analysis of their goats to monitor the quality of fiber production in their animals.

A long search for a designer we felt could showcase the fiber in the manner we wished, led us to well known knitwear designer, Jen Hagan. After working the yarn up, Jen was excited to work with us on patterns to help launch exposure to American produced cashmere. Jen has completed designs on 4 beautiful patterns to showcase the fiber.

2011: After losing a mill that processes cashmere in 2010, and the setbacks that brought in processing, we are now very excited about launching the patterns and the prospects for 2011. A beautiful new harvest of the rare and divinely fine cashmere begins every February.
The cycle begins anew. 

Clara Parkes

Author, Publisher, Designer
In depth Four Page Review on
Ravenwood Cashmere Yarns
On the farm...