100% Cashmere Yarns

Yarns hang in my soap shop, so may pick up the scents of the soaps. If you are allergic to scents, please wash the yarns before using.

Designer Jen Hagan of Jen Hagan design and Figheadh Yarnworks

"Ravenwood cashmere is a dream to work up. The 2-ply is a healthy laceweight that is strong and fine, making the stitches fly off the needle or hook. The 3-ply is a standard fingering weight with a beautiful halo, and a strong, even twist. Each yarn weight produces a fabric that is soft and light as a feather, yet very warm. It is everything cashmere should be and more - knowing that the animals that gave the fiber are happy and loved makes a huge difference."

Clara Parkes: Author, Publisher, Designer

"The three-ply version is quite possibly the loveliest and most substantial cashmere yarn I've ever touched......I'll focus on the equally noble lace-weight two-ply....Despite it's delicate appearance, the yarn is actually much stronger than most lace-weight cashmeres." See more: http://www.knittersreview.com/article_yarn.asp?article=/review/product/110526_a.asp

2-ply laceweight

1 ounce

200 yards

Cream or light Brown

Price: $35.00


2 ounce

220 yards

Natural Oatmeal 

Price: $70.00