Yarns hang in my soap shop and may pick up the scents of the soaps. If you are sensitive to scents, please wash the yarn before using.

100% Cashmere Kits

Jen Hagan has created seven amazing designs for Ravenwood Cashmere that showcase one of the rarest fibers on earth. Now, you too, can have and wear high quality accessories that have beautiful drape without bulk, resist wrinkles, are lightweight, yet have excellent insulating power and become softer over time.

It is said that it is hard to fool Mother Nature. We agree. Experience, with us, the best she has to offer in American Grown Cashmere - great quality that is accessible, affordable, produced, processed, designed and knitted right here in America.

                 All kits include free pattern!

Currently out of yarn for all kits.

New harvest of cashmere underway.  Thank you so much for your support of our small farm and it's production of this beautiful, rare, sustainable fiber! More yarns coming soon.

For Patterns by download, please see our Pattern page.


Lace Scarf Kit

Knit pattern and yarn: OUT OF STOCK

Price: $68.00

Bavarian Mitts Kit:

 Out of STOCK


Knit pattern and 3-ply skein 220 yard 100% Cashmere yarn

Price: $68.00

Kathy's Cowl Kit

Crochet Pattern and yarn: OUT OF STOCK

Price: $33.00

Cable and Lace Beret Kit: Out of Stock


Knit pattern and 3-ply skein 220 yard 100%           Cashmere Yarn.

Price: $68.00

Brackenhill Shawlette Kit: Out of Stock 

Equisite, luxurious, beautifully designed pattern with our 100% 2-ply Cashmere yarn.
Price: $103.00

Grethryn Hat:   Out of Stock  

Oatmeal with Brown

Knit Pattern and 3-ply skein 220 yard 100% Cashmere Yarn. Includes additional 25 yards of contrasting brown 100% 3-ply Cashmere Yarn.
Price: $68.00

Velutina Scarf: Out of Stock


Knit Pattern and 2 skeins of 220 yard 3-ply 100%                     Cashmere Yarn.
Price: $134.00